We are the people of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay

1. We, the people of the Diocese of Saldanha
are not afraid to dream and to turn our
dreams into actions.
Bearing our ancient name, people of the Way,
we walk through the 800kms in which we live,
united and aware of our neighbours,
who may live many miles from us.
3. We walk with our shovels, fishing nets,
industrial tools, through halls of literature and
fields of toil:
With our Bibles, prayer books, psalters and
ever journeying, never those who have
4. We stand tall in the noble tradition of our
our deep roots and spiritual ancestry. But we
are not stuck
in a romanticized, sentimental past.

5. We are constantly Called by a God of Love
who names us partners, family,
and co-creators – to bring about with God,
pockets of heaven on earth.
6.Because we are Called, we courageously
use our voice to participate
in God’s calling of the world.
Ours is to continue, and take further,
the Love God started in us.
Our Theology
7. We are inheritors of a theology
that points to God and God’s love for the
world –
A Love that speaks realistically into
our communities and situations.
8. We hold a theology that connects us
to sacred stories – revealed in the scriptures
and in our lives.
9. We teach a theology
not of easy certainties, cold absolutes
and empty guarantees,
But of the spiritual, the mystical,
of imagination, of possibilities
and especially of journeying.
We are Ecclesia
10. We are an ecclesia, ‘the people of God’ –
a ‘both-and’ Church fluent in paradox and
not afraid to fall into the Mystery – the
and Easter of God
out of which New Dawns
will always arise.
11. A church not lauding its uniqueness, but
acknowledging that we bring to the world
a unique offering – that progressive edge of
the gospel;
12. That reaches into every facet of our lives,
renewing our faith,
calling us to innovate and experiment
while we purposefully and deliberately seek
out the broken,
the vulnerable and lost;
13. The orphaned and widowed, the forgotten,
overlooked, the unemployed,
the less newsworthy and the un-sensational,
14. The untouchables and the unloved,
those who are excluded, landless and exiled,
those robbed of their potential by history and
oppression and those whose voices are diminished
or lost in the fray of consumerism,
materialism and a culture of greed.
15. A Church engaging with people of other faiths
and no faith at all;
a haven of safety in a sea of change, a church
that also disturbs the waters of comfort and
16. We are a community in which
our young people and our children
are not just our future, but are at the heart
of our now!
17. We are young, not only in mind and spirit –
but young in demographics – and so we are
a Church in which the young kick off their
shoes and feel completely at home –
where they are both seen and heard in our
sanctuaries and in our leadership;
Where they are led and taught, and
encouraged to take the lead in colours and sounds
particular to their own.
18. And we are a community in which
the old and elderly are honoured too;
Where the family, small groups,
and home cells are valued
as pods of nurture,
care and growth.
19. We are parishioners, mothers, fathers,
children, men and women, teenagers, doubters and
teachers, healers, companions of the cross,
administrators and prophets, bishop, priests and deacons, the elders, wise,
infants and the foolish; the ones who believe that this is God’s world
and God will make all things new.
20. We are growing in depth and in size – building
churches that are both interior and exterior – visible and invisible;
Churches that are outwardly pleasing; sanctuaries of beauty and sacred encounter;
for people of all faith and no faith at all.
Ours is to continue, and take further,
the Love God started in us.

Our Worship
21. Our spiritualities and liturgies are joy and
music-filled, accessible to all,
relevant and soulful. Stunning. Simple. Rich
and Silent, Supporting worship and supported by prayer
materials, courses and curricula for growing family-life
and every unit of the Church.
22. Faithful to and rooted in
our ancient traditions, our daily liturgical
rhythms and patterns of prayer unite us with people
throughout the world.
Prayers like gentle ripples on a glassy pond,
reaching across time and space.

 Our Leadership
23. Our leadership is vibrant and visible;
facilitators of authentic indaba conversations;
a leadership that convenes with integrity and
connects people –holding each person’s voice as distinct.
24. A leadership at parish level,
in homes and youth groups; in archdeaconries
and vestries, that consults and listens to the will
and whispers of God for every part of God’s
vineyard. And in these structures we see our
unwavering commitment to all forms of equality, but especially to that
of gender and age.
25. Because all within our company
are sacred ministers and leaders of the gospel
Our deacons, priests and bishop,
lay ministers, boat-girls and boys, choirs and
servers, organizations and societies, Women’s and Men’s Groups,
Churchwardens, Sidespersons – everyone is
willing to own and run with their leadership role.
26. Unafraid of the politics of the day,
we stand as leaders and followers – standing
with others or standing alone – for justice, reconciliation
and truth. Ours is to continue, and take further,
the Love God started in us.
Our Characteristics
27. Our hearts ache for and echo
the radical inclusivity of Mary’s Child.
28. We are Creative, speaking in tongues of
understanding, in language of unity, love, forgiveness and
29. We find and express everyone’s Godgiftedness
-gifts always renewed by prayer and reflection,
by training and mentoring.
30. We are a Eucharistic people,
offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to be
sent into the world for the
work of whole-making, of mending and
healing, of loving, forgiving and uniting.
31. We get our hands, our minds and hearts to
work, using with wisdom, integrity and respect,
all the technologies gifted us in the 21st
32. Like trees, planted in different soils,
we rise to touch the Stars that God holds up
for us. We are beautiful and hardy, delicate and bold.
The colour Green
courses through our veins.
33. We are midwives, hands-on
in the pain and messiness of labour.
Deeply involved in the birthing
of new communities of connection.
 Our Language
34. Our language is inclusive and gender sensitive,
free of discriminatory phrases and words,
thoughtful and heartfilled, made evident in our conversations and
35. We describe God in images and metaphors
that are both ancient and fresh –
God made accessible to all – a God whose mother-tongue is the tongue
of every human being.
Ours is to continue, and take further, the Love God started in us.
G. Our Bodies
36. We look at each person
and see the image of God – this insight
explodes all the contraints that limit us. We
see no Jew or Gentile, male or female, no straight,
no gay, no colour, no culture that
seperates, while loving all that each brings.
Seeing what God saw in the story of our
that each person carries the innate goodness
of God –found in the clay of
great life and small life.
37. Filled with the enlivening spirit of God, in love
with our own bodies, aware that every part of us is precious and
intimately known by the God who formed us while we were still
speechless in our mother’s womb.
We know, therefore, the unspeakably precious natureof another’s body.
38. So we honour each and every body, physically,
emotionally and spiritually, never harming or
hurting a girl, a woman, a boy or man.
Ours is to continue, and take further,
the Love God started in us.

 Our Proclamation…
39. We have a gospel, and it is ours to proclaim in
every village,town, farm, beach and city, in every
neighbourhood and township, in every
shebeen and shop –that God is love and seeks to make a home of
love in us and in our world.
40.This is our vision – God’s vision in us – and
knowing that we can do nothing without God,
we throw ourselves daily upon God’s grace
and delight in the knowledge that
God chooses to work through the ordinary
ones – the faithful and open-hearted,
who hear the voice ever calling…