Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Welcome to the official website of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay,
a part of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
within the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

From the womb of the Diocese of Cape Town, another is born the Diocese of Saldanha Bay. Inaugurated on Saturday 10 December 2005.

Six Archdeaconries hold the Diocese together: from the fertile fields of Malmesbury and the West Coast, to the vineyards of Paarl. From the urban belt of Bellville and Maitland, the Diocese makes its way along South Africa’s West coast where fishing (and mining) are primary industries. The Diocese reaches into the semi-desert vastness of Namaqualand North and Namaqualand South where it blooms and blossoms with the daisies characteristic of this region.

The Diocese of Saldanha Bay is a place where old and young are taken seriously and listened to. A place where gifts and resources are encouraged, shared and celebrated!

Grounded in an incarnational earthy spirituality, expressed mainly in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English expressed also through body, song, dance and that deep stillness which frames all words and actions | Grounded in joy | Grounded in God’s Spirit that comforts and consoles, that challenges coldness and complacency, like the earthly Jesus did | Grounded in one another, the Diocese greets you and welcomes you to the activities and the Stillness embedded on the pages of this site